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Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my massage or bodywork session take place?
Must I be undressed?
What will the massage or bodywork feel like?
What should I do during the session?
What are the benefits of massage and bodywork?

Where will my massage or bodywork session take place?
Your Jin Shin Jyutsu session will take place in a warm, comfortable, quiet room. Soft music may be played to help you relax. You will lie on a table especially designed for your comfort.

Must I be undressed?
Unlike massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu is performed while fully clothed.

What will the session feel like?
It can and generally will vary for all people. Some people will fall asleep. Some will remain awake. There have been reports of many different sensations from seeing colors in the third eye to a feeling of floating.

What should I do during the session?
Prior to the session, feel free to ask the practitioner any questions about the technique or the upcoming session. During the session, make yourself comfortable. The practitioner will gently move you or might ask you what is needed throughout the session (such as lifting your arm). Many people just close their eyes and completely relax, communicating if/when they need a blanket, or anything else relevant to the session. If you have any questions regarding the session or about the particular technique you are receiving, feel free to ask.

What are the benefits of Jin Shin Jyutsu?
The main benefit of Jin Shin Jyutsu is to help your own bodies energy help heal yourself.

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